Teachers, students, and parents are needed to rally at the next school board meeting! Bring a sign and if you are up for it speak. Facebook event info here.

Tuesday, August 8 at 5:45 PM - 8 PM

20420 68th Ave W, Lynnwood, WA 98036-7405, United States


ESD teachers' bargaining is not going well. It is possible that teachers may strike. Teachers have two more days of bargaining with the district to establish a contract. There is no school calendar until teachers have a contract. Teachers need the School Board and District administrators to see that the community supports its educators so they can hopefully change the direction of the bargaining--please attend their rally and let your school board member know you are behind ESD educators. Teachers are bargaining for:

  • Time for class planning, collaboration and communication time with parents, and time for the essential functions of their job.

  • Smaller classes and smaller case loads.

  • Additional resources for students who are impacted by barriers to learning.   

Sign Ideas:


Supporting Students Means Supporting Teachers

Keep The Money In The Classrooms

I'm A Kid. Not a Sardine.

Class Size Matters

Smaller Class Sizes Are A Better Fit

Students Deserve Individual Attention

I’m a small business owner and a mom of a soon to be 6th grader and future Kindergarten student at Mountlake Terrace Elementary.  Education is very important to our family, but I never envisioned I’d become an education activist.  However, the state of education funding and teachers' collective bargaining in our district has me deeply concerned. We, the parents, need to take action so that our kids get the education they deserve!

TEACHERS in our district are in a collective bargaining year. Their current contract ends August 31st. Over 200 teachers with local parents rallied at the last school board meeting. Please come and rally at the next meeting August 8. Info above and here. My husband and I attended the last rally with our kids and our handmade signs. I have read in our local news that their bargaining is not going well and the district is not collaborating with our students' teachers. ESD teachers are bargaining for our students to have a better learning experience, smaller class sizes, and better resources. Here are local articles on this topic: Edmonds Beacon and MLTNews.com. My husband and I feel it is imperative that we support our local teachers who are supporting our children's education. Our family will rally, speak at board meetings, and send emails. Parents, we are the tax payers that pay for local levies. It is the districts job to listen to our concerns and take action on them.

Do you know the projected class sizes for your child’s class for next year? The District has staffed schools “conservatively” for next year, so it’s likely that currently class sizes are projected to be higher for next year than they are this year.  For example, at Mountlake Terrace Elementary the current projected class size information I have is 32 students in 6th grade for 2017-18. Over thirty students in one class are too many for teachers to educate our students effectively.  Our kids won’t get the individual attention they need and deserve!  While I have been told by our principal that these numbers will go up and down until school starts in the fall, and will continue to go up and down during the school year, starting at more than 30 students in a classroom is unacceptable.  Your child’s class could very well be in the same situation.  I urge you to ask your principal about class size projections for your school so that you can be informed and so that concerned parents can work together for smaller class sizes for our kids!

Our district needs to focus resources on keeping classes at reasonable sizes and providing the resources necessary to educate all students, instead of hiring more positions for the district office which do not directly impact students.  Parents at Mountlake Terrace Elementary have been emailing the District about the projected size of 6th grades classes for next year. Justin Irish, the Assistant Superintendent of Elementary School, in responding to MTE parent letters said that the district and our principal "always keep students' safety and learning at the forefront of decision making".  Later in the letter he went on to say, "Additionally, as you may be aware, the state Legislature has not adopted a budget. Our funding for the 2017-18 school year has not been finalized. It is far too early for any final decision to be made at any school across the District, including Mountlake Terrace Elementary". That last line gives me hope. Our state budget is in. Will the district staff our schools for smaller class sizes? Parents are doing the right thing by emailing Justin Irish. We need to continue emailing the decision-makers in the District!

Overcrowded classes, even with extra paraeducators to provide extra help in the class, is not what is best for our kids. Large class sizes might be acceptable for the district and state because it allows them to hire more district office staff, but it is unacceptable for our students. We need to tell ESD that we care about class sizes in our schools.  Washington added more funding to Washington State public schools during the last legislative session. Whether it is fully funded or not is up to the court to decide. We need to make sure the district knows we expect them to spend those funds on classroom teachers and the other staff who support our kids like librarians, counselors, and nurses so that our kids get the education and support they deserve.

ESD students need parents from every school, every grade level, and every part of the community to write the district and demand that they lower our class sizes and support our students' teachers. This is a problem for our entire district.  Please take action for our students today by emailing the board members below. OUR KIDS DESERVE SMALLER CLASS SIZES AND OUR TEACHERS DESERVE A FAIR CONTRACT!


Carin Chase            chaseca@edmonds.wednet.edu

Gary Noble              nobleg@edmonds.wednet.edu

Susan Phillips         phillipss@edmonds.wednet.edu

Ann McMurray        mcmurraya@edmonds.wednet.edu

Diana White            whited@edmonds.wednet.edu

Sample Message:

Hello (Board Member Name Here),

ESD needs to focus resources on keeping classes at reasonable sizes and providing resources necessary to educate all students instead of hiring more positions for the district which do not directly impact students. OUR KIDS DESERVE SMALLER CLASS SIZES! Please do your job and make student learning the District’s #1 priority by adding more staffing to (your school here) and collaborating with ESD teachers for a fair contract.

I look forward to your response.